RBC Retro-fitting and Repair

The bottom line is our priority. Seprotech enables clients to spend dramatically less on systems, energy, operations and replacement parts. We can replace, repair or retrofit any rotating biological contactor (RBC) System regardless of the original equipment manufacturer.

Since 1985 Seprotech has become the most trusted source in North America for industrial water system redesign, wastewater plant improvement and replacement of outdated technology.


Retrofitting, upgrading or rehabilitating a wastewater treatment plant can represent the single largest investment that a public utility or private community will make. The complicated aspect of upgrading and retrofitting a wastewater treatment plant is that during the upgrade process the rest of the plant must operate with no process upsets while maintaining the required effluent and affluent standards.

Before you invest in another water or wastewater treatment problem, connect with our team of certified consultants today.

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