Leachate Treatment

Seprotech's leachate treatment process includes the rotating biological contactor(RBC) ROTORDISK®.

The raw leachate is chemically treated for metals and pH adjustment. The leachate enters into the primary settling tanks (PST) in the ROTORDISK® RBC, when alum is injected for PO3 Seprotech patented phosphorus removal process.

From the PST, leachate flows into final settling task (FST) where sludge is returned to PST and treated leachate is further treated by Seprotech tertiary membrane filtration technology.

The final effluent from the membrane filtration system is sent to the effluent monitoring reservoir where it is sampled and monitored to ensure that the treated water meets dry ditch discharge criteria. Once it has been sampled and approved the treated leachate / now environmental clean water is discharged into the local collection creek.

Lafleche Leachate Treatment Plant

For more information on how Seprotech leachate treatment technology can be used to improve your environmental management services contact your regional Seprotech consulant today!