Military Wastewater Solutions

Seprotech builds rugged and proven go-anywhere equipment and is staffed with ex-military personnel who fully understand the ready to serve motto.

Seprotech equipment is perfect for military and emergency response operations that require highly durable water and wastewater treatment equipment that is compact and easy to use. Seprotech's packaged plant equipment is available to support operations wherever they occur. Staffed with experienced and knowledgeable ex-military professionals, Seprotech personnel are there every step of the way to provide critical mission support.

We know military and emergency response environmental equipment requirements because we've been there. We're still there. We go wherever the military goes to keep water and wastewater equipment in operation. From supporting ships at sea to supporting peacekeeping forces on the ground, Seprotech is there.

Our experience ranges from manufacturing desalination systems for submarines and surface vessels in naval applications to containerized equipment for land applications. Seprotech also refurbishes systems by providing Repair and Overhaul (R&O) support when equipment comes back from the field.

We know that military equipment needs to be tough, easy to operate and most importantly, easy to transport. We build equipment for easy military air, rail, ship or vehicle transport.